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DEEP FLOW. Healing. RELAXATION MASSAGE. . . Teach the body. Reach the mind. Free the spirit!

COVID update: Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the onset of cooler temperatures, Karen has paused her practice until May 2021. She welcomes your bookings starting spring 2021.

Karen’s healing bodywork is a combination of the gentle approach and soothing joint release movements of Trager Psychophysical Integration ™, acupressure, reiki and the deeper flow of relaxation massage. The client can remain clothed or experience the session undressed under cozy sheets using either coconut oil or aromatherapy oils. This combination of techniques can create blissful inner peace, which can allow the body and mind to achieve a state of balance and integration, peeling off unneeded layers of tension.

Hours and Location:
Bookings paused at this time. Please contact Karen Spring 2021.
Please visit In House Massage website for more information

Karen Shea - In House Massage

What clients are saying:

“I had the privilege of receiving my first session with Karen, and a week later my body is still tingling and aglow! Her kindness and knowledge was apparent in every touch and she takes the time to educate and guide, leaving me with a greater understanding of my body and a lightness and ease that wasn’t there before. She is a true healer and bodywork magician! I will absolutely be seeing Karen again and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for a beautiful gift for the mind, body, and spirit.” – Maya D.

“I had booked Karen Shea for an in house treatment, as a gift for my husband. When the massage was complete he stated “I feel so relaxed like I am floating…she has healing hands!” Thank you Karen for your amazing work.” – Marie N.