Die Goldschmiede | Bowen Island

We create your one-of-a-kind jewellery. Contemporary. Unique. Outstanding.

Die Goldschmiede, jewllery by Gerold, examples
We create for you almost every possible jewellery design piece in gold or sterling silver with all kinds of gems from around the world.

One of a kind means that we love to discuss YOUR wishes and ideas and build your vision into a perfect metal art piece.

Our range goes from engagement rings and wedding bands to band rings with coloured gems, regular but also rare diamond shapes, sculptural jewellery, accessories, corporate gifts or special anniversary art pieces. We are sure to surprise you!

Gerold Mueller is a third generation, European-trained goldsmith. “My pieces are authentic, individual and complement the wearer’s individual style, augmenting the part of the body on which they are worn.”

Gerold’s studio is located in Artisan Square, Bowen Island’s arts and culture hub. Artisan Square is a short 5-minute drive or bus ride from the ferry terminal or a 20-minute walk. Contact Gerold to set up a private consultation.

Contact Us:
Gerold Mueller
(604) 219-5150
Open Wednesday through Saturday, 11AM – 4PM
Or visit our website at www.diegoldschmiede.ca